Thursday, May 8, 2008

Procrastination is DA BOMB

So I have devised a list of things you can procrastinate on in case you ever want to live by the seat of your pants.

1. Laundry-wait till the last pair of underoos

2. Homework-Use distractions like facebook, myspace, chillin, eating, hiking, sleeping, working out, and talking to your mother.

3. Sleeping-It's only great when you know you can sleep till McDonald's goes from the breakfast to lunch menu.

4. Reading-Make sure you get all the way into an American Literature class without reading Huck Finn.

5. Dating-Um yea...this one's easy. Women, have an opinion. Men, be afraid that women have too many opinions. Both will easily procrastinata relationships.

6. Watching Lost-wait until season four to start the show. It's not worth it to start three years ago.

7. Buying Sneakers-once they're too old to use just start calling them "lucky"

8. Calling Old Friends-usually you don't call them because they're weird. So, just make up some story about being busy with "life" and give them a facebook poke. By "life" I mean playing Guitar Hero.

9. Cooking-it's called pot pies in the freezer aisle.

10. Finally Working-you can spend your time writing on a mindless blog about all the things you can procrastinate at.

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