Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Gentle

Recently VT suffered a terrible loss after a dearly loved woman was brutally murdered in a small VT town.

This struck closely to me as a woman who lives in VT. Not soon after watching some national news coverage of this event, the same news source discussed the Susan Powell case. Again a story which is one I feel strong about as I know some of the family members, and met Susan.

Neither of these woman had to die, and yet they were lost because they were the meek & gentle. They had loving, and giving hearts that saw the good in others and reached out to or stuck by men who did not deserve their good graces.

I want to speak to all woman profoundly at this juncture: be aware.

It sickens me to know that this is a world where such terrible circumstances can occur, but woman need to learn the signs of danger...and run as quickly as they can. This is no longer the age for "benefit of the doubt". You do not need to be a victim but must know that violence is never acceptable, verbal abuse should not be permitted, and you're not invincible even when trying to do good.

I ask that all woman who read this live by a simple rule: if it feels uncomfortable then turn away from that situation. Do not go back, ever.

This post is not meant to single out women as the only ones who are abused, or to discount the intelligence of anyone who has been put through such a terrible turn of events. This post is to serve as a reminder to NOT become a victim and to build an understanding of what is good and what is safe.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Jenkins & Cox families. May you find comfort and solace.

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