Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Black Liquid Bliss

A while back I wrote a post about pudding. This time I'd like to write a post about Diet Coke, or Coke Zero.

I've recently discovered Coke Zero and am currently on a 'high', but I was a bit disturbed as I looked at the can. The can is black. I personally think this might be a poor marketing choice. Why the black can? My relevant memory goes to the concept that they were marketing towards men because women were the primary drinkers of Diet Coke.

So black is manly? I don't see many men drinking other black drinks. OJ is usually orange, and beer is often the color of urine, or tree bark.

I thought a little more about this can. I thought about the chemicals I was consuming in my body. I began to associate the color of the can with the chemicals I was putting in my body. My body began to associate the chemicals with the color black. It was really kind of a euphorically intense thought process.

My final thought lead me to believe that if I drank Coke Zero I would become an unhealthy man.

...I still haven't finished this can.

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