Saturday, March 12, 2011

iPad or iBaby?

No, there is no new technology called the iBaby. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple released that in the next few years. Mostly, this post is about how…just like the iPad, babies are the new fad!

Fad? Who would have a baby just to be cool? The entire Midwest I say! Okay, perhaps that was an unnecessary dig on the Midwest. I mean there are a lot of good features about the Midwest…the arch, corn, tornadoes. But even the Midwest isn't the only region free of this epidemic.

No, I don't think having children is an epidemic like SARS. I do, however, think that the need to have a baby under the age of 18 is. What makes you think that because Sally Joe got knocked up that you will possibly enjoy a blissful motherhood if you do the same? I'll tell you who's given you that's mainstream TV, and the advent of said reality shows which I will not mention due to copy write infringement. But you know what I'm describing. In fact, in an interview on Nightline, one teen mom (the first televised one) admitted that her friends asked her if it would be easy to get on reality TV if they had a teen pregnancy as well.

This is infuriating to me. Did I mention I was infuriated? Well I AM! I don't care what kind of privileged home you hail from. You are not fit to raise a child if you’re under the age of 18. I don't care how rich, educated, or well mannered you are. This isn't Little House on the Prairie and we're not getting married at age 14, unless of course you're a polygamist in TX. In which case that's a whole other blog post that I can rant about.

So what do you do when you have this little creature? I suppose you'll have to live at home since it's hard to even find a livable wage these days. Oh, did you know they can puke on you? Well they can. And sometimes it's green. Are you prepared for that? Are you prepared for the green puke, green poop, and the green face you'll have when you realize the vile fluids you'll have to dispose of on a regular basis? Also, that baby won't stay a baby forever. Eventually it's going to grow up, go to college if it's intelligent enough, and it will bleed you dry financially.

Don't get me wrong. I'm pro-life. If you make a wrong choice on accident as a youth then I believe you should accept responsibility for that action and raise your child. But the teens that think it's "cool" to have a baby in high school are just plain stupid. Bottom of the barrel stupid. Parents please listen to your teens when they're talking. Make sure they aren't out to make such a rash decision. They probably won't realize the level of real rashes they'll have to deal with when they choose to be "preggers"

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