Monday, August 9, 2010

Pop-Tarts Theory

I will coin a phrase. Granted, it might involve the use of a major brand name, but it will be coined nonetheless.

This, my friend, is the "Pop-Tarts Theory". Pop-Tarts are easy to eat. They don't involve forethought and you can quickly absorb the delicious (in my case cinnamon) goodness that you desire without any effort involved. Except to purchase and open the packaging of course.

Well, people are becoming accustom to this Pop-Tart phenomenon within society. They're equating everything in their life with the same effort it takes to open a package of Pop-Tarts.

But how does this effect us? Well, employers have to enact more and more rules to make sure that employees are comfortable. That one is not doing more work than another. Government creates laws on top of laws until there are so many laws for Pop-Tarts to live amongst that they don't have to think anymore and the thinking is done for them.

Finally, education is simplified to learning of only texting, blogging, and other forms of online communication. Which is so helpful because we will need to communicate about all the things we're not creating while we are wasting our time communicating.

Heaven forbid Kellogg's forgets how to produce...Pop-Tarts.

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