Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bored Easy?

I have found that everyone, no matter who you are, will get bored with something easy. We are cyclical creatures that can't go on doing the mundane for too long.

You might think you're doing the same things everyday...but you're not. Something is always developing. Either you're doing better at your job. Or, your personal relationships are progressing. It's when you aren't changing in any point in your life that you should start to worry.

I heard once that it's good to always be learning. Apparently if you stop learning then you're not continuing to exercise your brain and thus are more apt to get mentally "mushy" as you get older.

On that note...


I am sick of what they're doing to society. It saddens me to see the goons that continually walk though the mall without a sense of perspective or priorities. They lost their true physical appearance and the worst of them somehow garnered a child in the process. A child they can barely take care of and one who will grow up thinking addiction is normal.

Who is going to stop this problem?

I'm glad that our government is trying to do something about healthcare. I'm glad that children are now given breakfast in elementary school, and more reality shows are geared towards physical fitness.

But let's make a better change.

Start telling youth that it's NOT okay to do drugs or get addicted.

Otherwise you'll end up like the man with the sunken eyes who can't decide if he wants a taco or a burrito.

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