Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What are you a product of?

This may be something that every human encounters as they grow older. The realization that something is going wrong with society and the further realization that you can do nothing about it.

For example, your paycheck. Whether you're liberal or conservative you know who will end up with at least a small percentage of your money.

It's "Those People". You know them. And if you don't, then I would like to tell you how they start their day.

8:00am: still sleeping

10:05am: woke up because the sunlight managed to peer through the Grateful Dead blanket that covers the window of the master bedroom in the 3 bedroom subsidized apartment.

10:17am: moved arm and knocked over diet soda cans that were lining nightstand.

And the beat goes on...

The worst part about "Those People" is that they weren't born with any distinguishing feature that would make them into something that preys on society. Yet, over time, they evolve.

Then the story complicates as your tax dollars flow through a tube. From your bosses bank account, to the government, to the welfare checks, to the pockets of "Those People", to the counter at your local big box department store, to the bosses pocket of the big box department store.

Then when the employees at the the big box department store can't afford healthcare...they will try to form a union. But the union won't pass. So the government will change their policies so that those employees can have healthcare.

So more of your money will go to "Those People"'s healthcare. And then...after a few years, they'll be able to form a union.

Then, "Those People" will have unionized jobs with good healthcare and cheap affordable housing. While "you" will still be struggling to pay your bills and student loans off, and, searching for a second job. But you can't find one because you have a B.A. or MBA but no union certificate.

So forgive me when I don't like to engage in less than intellectually stimulating conversation with "Those People".


Chesney said...

I'm kind of curious of your definition of "those people"

Brittney Deanne said...

You crack me up! Thank goodness your making your thoughts known on the WWW!