Tuesday, August 18, 2009

iPhone Illness

I just purchased an iphone and switched to AT&T. I am fully sure that cocaine is a bad substance that should never enter the human body. However, if I were to be involved in something comparable to cocaine I would have to say it is the "Apps" for the iphone.

In addition to the normal addictive apps like Facebook and Twitter I have other ones. Some of them include digital bubble wrap and an app that tells you the most recent seismic activity (earthquakes) around the world.

Why do I need such things? Why does anyone need virtual bubble wrap? I suppose I can understand if I were sending virtual gifts (like the ones purchased on Facebook which usually end up being thongs sent by a person named "private").

But alas I have them. And they are fantastic. Yet, it made me think, how pathetic is the average Americans attention span?

Answer: uber pathetic

It wasn't enough that people had to engage in conversation in coffee houses. Now, most of them come with wifi and no one talks to each other. The soothing sound of typing has infiltrated every metropolis in the U.S.

Children are the worst victims in what I would like to call the "Attention Famine". They have their PS 1, 2, 3, and 40. If that doesn't appease them then they can play their Game Cube immediately following their Wii for exercise and then, heaven forbid, mom makes you go to the store...along comes the DS!

I really feel bad for newspapers. Those lonely things just sit in the racks day after day. They know they're going to be used in some rich kids bonfire but only after that same rich kid could get away from his intense game of Halo.

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Kurtis said...

I came across this blog through LinkedIn and found it very amusing but so right.