Sunday, November 2, 2008

Honestly Honorable

So something has been weighing on my professional conscience for a while. It is the problem of being a good LDS example in the media and entertainment industry.

Recently, in my directing class some students were in a somewhat inappropriate sketch. They were given a script that included the phrase SOB but it wasn't an acronym. There were other things within the scene that could be deemed awkward and immoral.

Prior to the students doing this scene, our professor said we shouldn't be afraid to have adult concepts within our scenes. He said that because I cut out the subject of "good sex" from a scene I directed.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm liberal on many things. I'm not "molly mormon" or staunch...but I am a member of the LDS church and I do have standards.

After the SOB sketch, the professor said that the phrase was unneeded. I was pleased. But he only said it after one student had the courage to speak up.

This whole situation made me think about how important it is not to give up your beliefs, morals, and standards because you're in the limelight and/or need a quick buck.

Some may say...oh it's not too bad. People do worse on other networks. But if we keep letting our guard down little by little then eventually no good LDS members will be part of the entertainment business.

The best thing a latter day saint could do is be a good example in the media. Don't do a scene if it has vulgar adult subject matter. Instead, write your own. Don't take that casting callback if there is a sex scene that you feel isn't worth losing your feeling of worthiness.

Furthermore, someone in one of my classes made an amazingly good comment about mormons making movies and the TV industry.


Stop making "Mormon Films" and start making real films. Start producing good wholesome art that people outside of the church would understand. Start writing music that isn't just gospel oriented but is written well and could fall into the mainstream fix without sounding like verbal diarrhea.

So let's take a moral stand as actors, writers, artists, directors, musicians, etc...

1. Stop promoting and performing in it.

2. Start creating moral, quality, art.

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